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water quality testing

The test used by Blue Ladder is based upon FHA & VA minimum tests for drinking water contaminants. Your drinking water samples will be analyzed for Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Turbidity. It is sent to a lab and results are returned within 2-3 business days. Rush results are possible for an extra charge.

Water quality testing is practical for both urban and rural areas, where the possibility of contamination is increased by outdated municipal plumbing systems, nearby fracking and other mining activities, livestock farming, and even natural disasters, such as flooding, which can affect the local water table or aquifer. It's also useful for homeowners who rely on private wells or cisterns for their water supply.

The EPA recommends that a residential water supply be tested annually for bacteria, nitrates, solids, pH levels, and other factors. The frequency of these tests may be increased based on the age of the home's occupants (infants are particularly susceptible to the effects of lead exposure), whether there are known risks of contamination, or whether any repair or construction work was recently conducted on or around the well or plumbing system. The EPA lists many conditions for whether a water quality test should be performed below or HERE>>.

< The EPA document HOME WATER TESTING FACTS including a section on when to test your water

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