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oil tank sweeps

Buried underground oil storage tanks are a financial liability that can loom over a property. Having buried oil tanks that have not been properly abandoned (Meaning tested and documented that it has not leaked) are a cause for concern. Not properly abandoned means "still containing oil or a tank that has or is leaking but is undisclosed." These tanks are often well past their useful service life and have often leaked.

Oil Tanks and their potential liabilities are a major concern in residential real estate transactions. Leaking oil tank issue can impose a serious financial burden on homeowners. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every property purchaser performs an oil tank sweep to protect themselves from this open ended liability. 
STEP 1: Interior

A Blue Ladder technician will generally start on the inside of the home looking for evidence of previous oil service by the heating system. The technician will then perform a detailed inspection of all interior basement walls that are accessible as well as crawl spaces (if accessible) and garages. The technician is looking for evidence of previous oil service generally indicated by copper fuel lines, trenching towards the furnace area or patching of basement walls.


STEP 2: Exterior

The technician will perform a visual inspection of the outside of the home looking for evidence of oil tank piping along the exterior structure of the home.


STEP 3: Sweep

A full property scan is conducted using a Schonstedt GA-92xtd Magnetometer and or Fisher TW-6 locator. This equipment is capable of detecting metallic objects to a depth of 8' below grade. The technician will walk in a grid pattern scanning the property for the presence of oil tanks. If a large area reading is detected, it will be marked for further investigation. Hawkeye Services will generally scan the entire property. Blue Ladder Home Inspection services prides itself on accuracy and thoroughness. Therefore, we request that all large metal objects be moved off the property prior to the sweep. These objects include: cars, boats, trailers, dumpsters, moving containers (PODS, etc.) or any other large objects that cannot be moved by our technician. If the property is not entirely clear of these objects, Blue Ladder will exclude these areas from the sweep and it will be noted in the final report.


STEP 4: Report

Blue Ladder Guarantee and Peace of Mind Protection- Blue Ladder stands behind our work. A report is issued on every tank sweep performed documenting our findings and is generally available next day. If no tank is located, Blue Ladder will guarantee that If an oil tank is ever found while our client is the owner, Blue Ladder will remove the tank at our cost. To stay within the guarantee limits, Blue Ladder will be solely responsible for choosing the tank removal contractor and coordinating all services. Guarantee is limited to oil tank removal only and does not include costs for remediation associated with leaking oil tanks. Hawkeye Services holds insurance for General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Pollution Liability and Personal Injury.

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