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Mold testing

Mold testing by Blue Ladder Home Inspections can help you determine if your new home contains hidden mold and other toxins that could jeopardize the safety of your family.  Blue Ladder Home Inspections is able to provide comprehensive mold inspections and mold testing both as a standalone service and as an additional component to a whole home inspection.  


We already obsessively look for moisture in homes we inspect since moisture is the prime culprit for mold growth. But taking the additional step of ordering mold testing and mold sampling for your home inspection can help find hidden sources of mold before it impacts your family.

Blue Ladder only uses accredited laboratories for analysis of our mold spore samples to help ensure accurate results.  Within two business days of your mold testing, we will send you a complete report that explains the types of mold present, the exposure level relative to the exterior of the home, and the level of exposure inside the home.  The report is packed with information on mold issues combined with an easy to read summary that gives you a specific breakdown on the amount of mold spores found in the home.  Protecting yourself and your family from the damaging effects of excessive mold spores in the home with mold testing could not be easier.

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