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While the law does not require any upgrades or improvements, Home Energy Scores must be made public during the sale of a house; failure to comply results in a fine. A “Home Energy Score” will deliver insight into how efficiently a property uses and conserves energy, and what homeowners can expect to pay in utilities. An H.E.S. report also provides upgrade suggestions to improve the score in order to save money, help the environment, and make the home more comfortable. Buyers are able to use this information to compare the homes they are considering for purchase. Being informed that your house needs an energy assessment prior to selling is generally not celebratory news for sellers or their realtors. Blue Ladder Home Inspections is here to make the process quick and painless!

To support the city of Portland’s ‘Climate Action Plan’ to reduce carbon emissions, all homes listed after January 1, 2018, will need to be scored by a Certified Energy Assessor.

City of Portland Home Energy Scores are now provided by Blue Ladder Home Inspections. To continue our effort in providing our clients with all their inspection needs in one place when buying or selling a home, it’s our top priority to provide all our services to our clients in a timely manner with as little intrusion as possible. We understand the distinct needs of realtors, property sellers, and homeowners in this process, and pride ourselves on providing this service as conveniently as possible.

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